Radicle Innovation is a privately-held, for-profit entity that's focused on all opportunities having a touch-point in life science and healthcare – where life science refers to all human and animal health with a scientific basis, and healthcare refers to the more commercial nature of transforming life science into practical healthcare applications or paradigms.

Why Radicle Innovation

Radicle Innovation has the proven ability to successfully translate life science and healthcare innovations by leveraging its extensive capabilities, resources, and global collaboration network – productively engaging diverse entities (academic, government, industry), regardless of their operational maturity.

Designed as a highly-collaborative concept through translation company, Radicle Innovation enables those with an entrepreneurial spirit to achieve results in a timely, creative, and cost-effective manner via an agile fusion of art, science, technology and business – maximizing all resources to ensure those opportunities demonstrating great promise of translation are fully engaged and flourishing; otherwise, the opportunity is refocused to ensure success, or quickly defocused.

No matter where you are on the innovation journey


The Conceptualization Stage is sometimes referred to as the Ideation Stage, and it’s where the value proposition for the innovation is formulated.


The Incubation Stage is where the innovation becomes real through research and representation, such as by an experiment, a model, prototype, simulation, or other approach.


The Acceleration Stage is where the necessary resources are leveraged to expedite the innovation research and representations realized during Incubation.


The Innovation Stage is where research is minimized, and development is the focus.


The Qualification Stage is where the innovation is proven and validated by leveraging different types of studies and tests.


The Translation Stage is sometimes referred to as the Deployment Stage, and it’s where the realized innovation is put to use; otherwise, the innovation has little or no perceived value.


The Elaboration Stage is where improvements and modifications are made to the innovation in order to maintain its relevance and value.


The Maturation Stage is where the innovation is maintained, yet its relevance and value have diminished, and often displaced by newer innovations.


About Us

About The Team

Radicle Innovation’s team is experienced and accomplished, consisting of both internal and external (collaborative) resources with diverse backgrounds. Radicle Innovation’s collaborative network consists of thousands of individuals, dozens of academic institutions, hundreds of companies, and dozens of government touchpoints around the globe.


To consistently and successfully translate life science and healthcare innovations.


To significantly transform human and animal health via highly disruptive, incremental, radical and breakthrough innovations.

Core Values

Collaboration – selfless devotion to our commitments.

Corporate responsibility – careful consideration of our decisions, and their consequences as we aspire to better humankind.

Creative energy – a passionate and fearless spirit.

Honorable behavior – the highest possible standards of personal and corporate integrity in all we do.

Openness – to new ideas and visionary thinking.

Cultural Enablers

Meeting commitments – to our colleagues.

Excellence realization – providing a work environment that facilitates, fosters and rewards creative energy.

Continuous improvement – a continual critical look at all aspects of the business, with a view to swift, meaningful change.

Operational freedom – to invent, incubate, accelerate, and achieve.


Branding, Communications, Marketing

Creating, building, promoting, and maintaining one’s brand

Business Development

Deal structuring, executive summaries, lead generation, contract brokering, intellectual property brokering, pitch decks, spinouts, technology commercialization


All aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation education, including establishing an innovation culture, preseed workshops, and technology commercialization


Preseed, seed, angel and venture; plus, sponsored research


Investigation, writing, submission and maintenance

Human Resources

Human capital recruitment, and creating/sustaining an innovation culture


Competition, freedom-to-operate/intellectual property, marketing, regulatory


Guidance at every step of the innovation journey, including seed-accelerator

Opportunity Triage

Comprehensive process to determine the likelihood of success, and value of an innovation

Research, Development, Prototyping

All touchpoints from concept through beta prototyping, including human factors

Strategic Guidance and Planning

Strategy formulation and guidance at every step of the innovation journey


Early stage business model, service model, and product feasibility studies; clinical studies. These are in addition to Landscapes and Opportunity Triage


Verification and validation of business models, service models, and products


03 Apr 2016

Radical Innovation Featured in the Cowley Blog

From the blog... On the website, we utilized a parallax design with a focus on imagery and subtly moving objects that creates a dynamic dimension. We wanted the website to be an extension of the brand and continue the futuristic feeling, so the use of dark colors and interactive features help the user get that same sense...  Read more at Cowleyweb.com.

09 Mar 2016

Future of Health Technology Institute’s (FHTI)

Radicle Innovation President, Albert Di Rienzo, has joined the Future of Health Technology Institute’s (FHTI) Advisory Board.  As an Advisory Board member, Albert works closely with Renata G. Bushko (Founder of the Future of Health Technology Institute), and other Advisory Board members to provide intellectual guidance, passion, and a sense of purpose needed for the continuing success of FHTI’s mission, which is “to make lives happier and longer for all by harnessing the power of technology and developing a strategy to use it for the betterment of humankind.”  For more information on the...

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22 Aug 2016

Chief Innovation Officer at Voyce™ Presents Latest Advancements in...

Albert J. Di Rienzo invited to speak to physicians, professors, and students at MIT about life science innovations

CHANTILLY, VA (July X, 2016) – i4C Innovations Inc., dba Voyce, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intersections Inc. (Nasdaq: INTX) and the creator of the Voyce Health and Wellness Management System™ and the Voyce Pro Wellness Monitoring Program™, is...

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06 Apr 2016

Voyce Enhances Research and Development Team for Continued Innovation...

Albert J. Di Rienzo joins as Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Chief Innovation Officer

i4C Innovations Inc., dba Voyce, a wholly owned subsidiary of Intersections Inc. (Nasdaq: INTX) and the creators of the Voyce Health and Wellness Management System™, is pleased to announce the expansion of its research and development team with the addition of Albert J. Di Rienzo...

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05 Apr 2016

Albert Di Rienzo to attend the 8th Annual New York State...

With New York State becoming ever more aggressive in attracting and retaining businesses, especially in the Biotechnology sector via Start-up NY, which partners academic institutions with industry, the State has become a formidable competitor, attracting companies, spinouts, venture capital, and talent.  In fact, New York State ranks second among States with adults who have four or more years of college, and second among States for the highest number of scientists and engineers.  Furthermore, New York State continues to be exceptionally strong in academic research, development, and...

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08 Mar 2016

Albert Di Rienzo to moderate panel discussion at the 2016 Future of...

Bringing an idea from concept to commercialization can be challenging for any start-up, but especially those within the Biotechnology sector due to development complexities, regulatory requirements, required funding, competition, securing intellectual property, clinical trials, and so on. What techniques, methodologies, processes, and experiences, if any, can be applied to help ensure acceleration and commercialization success. Are there any full-proof approaches? What cultural attributes and infrastructure components help ensure success?

A panel of experts, moderated by Radicle...

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I met Al many years ago as colleagues in the medical imaging industry.  He was then a senior engineering executive and engineering manager, demonstrating deep expertise in the subject matter.  All along, he showed top leadership qualities through alliances and partnerships.  He is now extending the same ideas through the novel concept of creating organizations that link between academic research and the commercial world.  Al first exemplified this novel initiative through Blue Highway, and now through Radicle Innovation, creating a powerful concept that’s far more effective than the traditional academic Technology Transfer model.  By identifying the path to commercialization for novel academic research, raising high risk early commercial funds to tackle novel research for commercialization, and forming key commercial strategic alliances conducive to start at the research stage, and go all the way to money making enterprises, Al has raised the bar, and has created an academic, innovation-based, economic engine.

Raul A. Brauner, Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder, Bio-Tree Systems, Inc.

I have had the opportunity to work with Al Di Rienzo in two distinct settings. I turned to him as an expert in his field to turn an idea into a company, I was very happy with his insight and the team that he brought forward to speak with me. He seemed like a knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy, collaborative individual, and when presented with the opportunity, I decided to reach out to him and work closely with him on two personal projects in academia. Al has a wealth of knowledge, passion, patience and commitment, which I have observed first hand, and I am very pleased with the experience of working with him. I would, and have highly recommended Al to collaborators, friends and family, not only because of what he can bring to the table as an expert in his field, but because of who he is as a person.

Jose H. Flores-Arredondo, M.D., Researcher, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX

I will say that Al Di Rienzo is a treasured friend and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I have worked with him on a variety of projects and in every one of a very diverse group of settings, Al was on the mark, kind, and deft at aligning startups with opportunities. While I can’t yet mention the stealth startup of ours he helped, I can say that his assistance made all of the difference and that startup is well on its way to FDA 510k submission. Al is a first-class, trustworthy and energetic mentor and advisor to medical startups. He has a broad network of helpful folks to call upon – a network I’m proud to be a part of. You cannot go wrong with Al.

Greg Kovacs, PhD., Stanford University Professor, IEEE and AIMBE Fellow, Co-Founder, Cepheid

Al has been an instrumental advisor, expert and technical leader as we maneuver uncharted territory, integrating Ultra-Wide Band technology into a remote monitoring system. Al has provided unprecedented insight and guidance, market knowledge, technical expertise and important introductions for our business. He is one of the most talented yet humble people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and he remains a trusted member of our board of advisors. I highly recommend working with Al, and consider it a unique and valuable opportunity.

Michael Stanfield, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Intersections Inc.

Al has been a trusted mentor & advisor at Abram Scientific since its inception, and has guided us every step of the way to transform a simple idea we had into a product that can revolutionize our target market. His technical guidance and business insights in taking a concept from an idea to a commercially viable value proposition is unparalleled in the industry. His ability to think out-of-the-box, while staying updated on the market and leveraging his industry connections, would be invaluable to anyone looking to launch or commercialize a concept to market. Last but not least, his down-to-earth humble demeanor and ability to work by your side as a colleague made our engagement experience all the more enjoyable and fruitful.  I would highly recommend entrepreneurs and industry professionals to engage with Al and his team at Radicle Innovation for a world-class experience!

Edward F. Brennan, Chief Executive Officer, Abram Scientific

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